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Car Navigation

Car Navigation  | CarTunes : Wichita, KS

A car navigation system can make finding your way around town, to other cities and across the country a breeze. All you have to do is enter your starting point and your end point, and the navigation system will do the rest. It eliminates having to repeatedly look at your phone, consult paper directions or consult a map. We even have car navigation system that you can use with your phone.


• Bluetooth hands free phone calls
• Bluetooth music streaming
• Large LCD display Touch Screen

All-In-One Systems

We have navigation systems that include DVD players, audio systems and video systems. This eliminates the need to buy three separate systems. Your navigation system is your stereo, DVD player and radio.

Our all-in-one systems have the ability to play standard radio stations, Pandora, HD radio and iTunes. They also have touch screens and quick buttons, and they are satellite radio ready.


Our navigation systems also have the ability to connect and manage your phone while you’re on the road. Several systems include Bluetooth for headsets, caller ID, direct dial, automatic answering and call waiting. You can even see your contacts and your call history right on the screen.