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Car Stereos

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Does your car still contain its factory stereo system? Are you dissatisfied with it and want to upgrade to a modern system?


We sell standard stereos, stereos with remote controls, digital display stereos and stereos with full LCD screens. Our stereos come with jacks, CD players, MP3 abilities and the ability to listen to HD and satellite radio. Several of our stereo systems are also compatible with Smart, Android and iPhones and iPods.

We can sell you a stereo, or we can sell you an entirely new audio system.


We build custom enclosures for trunks, backseats and doors. The key to a great speaker system is a great enclosure. An enclosure designed specifically for your car speakers will not create any unwanted sounds. You can avoid rattling and shaking noises by having a custom enclosure.


Amplifiers add to the quality of your stereo system. They provide additional power to your speakers and increase the sound quality and range. We sell amplifiers by Alpine, Kenwood, Kicker, and Rockford.


Choosing the right speakers for your system is just as important as choosing the right stereo and faceplate. How many speakers do you want? Do you need subwoofers and tweeters? Our professional stereo sales staff and installers can help you pick out the right speakers for your system and your vehicle.